Dolphin Cove Condominium Association

Board of Directors Meeting

November 11, 2017


Dolphin Cove Lobby

 I.      Call to Order
 II.     Pledge of Allegiance
 III.    Changes to the Agenda
 IV.     Approval of the Agenda
 V.      Approval of the Minutes
 VI.    Announcement of Board Position Changes
VII.    Reports
  1. Facilities – issues under repair and resolved
  2. Financial
  3. Legal
VIII.     Old Business
IX.    New Business
X.      Comments and Announcements
XI.        Homeowners’ Forum
XII.      Adjournment




As a result of disposing of paper towels, grease, and other objects being flushed down toilets, 
we have experienced another costly back up. Paper towels do not break down when flushed 
and invariably trigger plumbing back ups and grease causes sewer blockages . 

Please notify your tenants not to flush anything down toilets except toilet paper and human waste.

Board of Directors


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