Dolphin Cove Condominium Association is located in Brigantine New Jersey. Historic points to visit and one

of the best beaches in South Jersey makes Brigantine the best place to live or visit. Just 5 minutes from the

Atlantic City Casinos, 1 hour from Philadelphia and 2 hours from New York. 

Without a doubt Dolphin Cove Condominium Association is a place where you want to live!

Dolphin Cove Condominium Association

Board of Directors

Office Management

Homeowners Association Meeting Dates:

August 13, 2016

11:00am DCCA Lobby


Annual Meeting

September 10, 2016

11:00am DCCA Lobby


August 09, 2016

To: All Owners Dolphin Cove Condominium Association
From: Board of Directors
Subject: Annual Meeting and Election of Officers

The Dolphin Cove Condominium Association will hold it's Annual Meeting and
Election of Officers on Saturday September 10th @ 11:00am in the office of
Dolphin Cove Condominium Association.

The purpose of this meeting will include, but not be limited to the election of Officers.

This year there are 2 seats open for election and the following are the Nominees:

Dave Maikisch
Edwin Bailey
Vincent Angiolillo

Attached are the Candidate Data Sheets for these individuals.

A ballot/proxy form is also attached for your convenience. If you cannot attend the
meeting in person you can vote by mail or by proxy. Any ballots that are received by
mail by the office will be put in a special box. The envelopes will remain sealed and
not opened until the date of the election by the Attorney for the Association.
Three owners will also oversee the counting and the opening of these envelopes. 
Your envelope should state on the outside that a ballot/proxy is enclosed, as to insure
it will not be opened in error. If mailing in a ballot/proxy, you should keep in mind
mail time, and if mailed, all ballot/proxies must be received by September 9, 2016.
If you have granted a proxy to another person, that person may submit that proxy and
ballot, in person, on the day of the election. Your vote is very important and will insure
the establishment of a quorum so that we may conduct our meeting and election.

Under our By-laws, you must be current in all your obligations to the Association,
including but not limited to condominium fees, late charges and or attorney's fees,
five (5) days prior to the meeting to be entitled to vote. If an owner attends the meeting
to vote, or mail in vote or proxy is received on your behalf and you are not current in
payment of your obligations, the vote/or proxy will not be counted.

Thank You for your anticipated cooperation and we hope to see you all at the meeting.

Sincerely Yours,
Jennifer Michaelis
Board President


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