Dolphin Cove Condominium Association is located in Brigantine New Jersey. Historic points to visit and one

of the best beaches in South Jersey makes Brigantine the best place to live or visit. Just 5 minutes from the

Atlantic City Casinos, 1 hour from Philadelphia and 2 hours from New York. 

Without a doubt Dolphin Cove Condominium Association is a place where you want to live!

Dolphin Cove Condominium Association

Board of Directors

Office Management


Dear Homeowners of Dolphin Cove Condo. Association:


We are reaching out to remind you to take a look at your Insurance Policies on

your units. As you are all aware of our units are almost 50 years old.  That’s right,

our complex is getting old.


With that being said we recommend that you call your agent and let them know

this and talk about what is not only best for you but what you can afford. 


Some things to consider would be as follows:


Ask your agent about a mold rider:  Considering that some of the building have

found mold in the units, it would be wise of you to consider having a rider put

on your policy to cover you in the event that mold is found.  Remember the

Association’s policy only protects the common areas and not you’re interior.


Ask your agent about “loss of use”:  Should you need to be temporarily moved

to another location for any reason, this would help you with housing should you

a place to stay.


Ask your agent about “Back up of Sewers and Drain coverage”:  Should a sewer

line be clogged and create a back up in our line, you would need a rider to cover

you for this damage if anything was to come back in your unit.


Ask your agent about your deductibles:  Should a problem arrive and you need

to use your policy, make sure this is affordable to you.  You may want to look at

your budget, and consider lower our deductible and increasing the cost of your policy. 

Accidents happen and we would not want any of you to find yourselves in a situation

where you can’t afford to get you unit back to where you were before the loss.


If you need the information when your roof has been updated please contact the

office before calling you’re agent.  Also don’t forget to address the loss assessment

that may appear on your HO-6 policy.


We hope that you will take these ideas and others to your agents and make sure

you have a check up done on your policy for your own protection.


Call your agent today or make an appointment to meet with them right away.


Warmest regards,


The Board of Dolphin Cove Condo Association



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