Dolphin Cove Condominium Association is located in Brigantine New Jersey. Historic points to visit and one

of the best beaches in South Jersey makes Brigantine the best place to live or visit. Just 5 minutes from the

Atlantic City Casinos, 1 hour from Philadelphia and 2 hours from New York. 

Without a doubt Dolphin Cove Condominium Association is a place where you want to live!

Dolphin Cove Condominium Association

Board of Directors

Office Management


Dear Owners,

Hope everyone is doing well. Just another reminder have you reviewed your H06 Policy yet?
You need to be aware of your responsibilities and why you should make sure your policy covers the
unit properly.

Call your agent, and schedule a checkup. If you are not sure what you need protection on,
ask them to send out an inspector to go over what you should note on your policy.
Remember this policy is to protect you from things that the Association does not cover, such as:


13. Insurance. The Board of Directors shall obtain and maintain to extent obtainable insurance
for the property as more particularly set forth in Article V, Section 2, of the By-Laws.
Each unit owner shall be responsible to obtain and maintain Condominium Owner's Insurance
to protect the Unit as well as any personal property from casualty damage. Each Unit Owner shall
also carry liability insurance on the Unit. If there is a pet in the Unit, the Unit Owner must have
the pet specifically listed on their liability insurance policy. If the insurance company will not
insure the pet it cannot remain at Dolphin Cove. This provisions applies to tenants as well expect
the pet must be listed on the tenant's liability insurance policy. The Association shall not be
responsible for any damage or liability that would have been covered under the policies listed
above if the Unit Owner fails to obtain them.

With this in mind lets remind all owners what term "Unit" shall mean in accordance with our
Master Deed and By-Laws: "a part of the building designated and intended for independent
use as private dwelling. Each Unit shall consist of the interior wall and partitions where contained
within the Unit and shall also consist of the inner decorate and/or finished surfaces of the perimeter
walls, floors, and ceilings, including drywall, paint, wallpaper, or other wall covering contained in the
Unit but shall not mean any part of the Common Elements situate within the Unit".

Any Questions, do not hesitate to contact your agent for your protection.


Dolphin Cove Board of Directors


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